Project Comenius

In July 2009 our school was given together with our partner schools from Denmark, Spain and Great Britain a grant for the project The impact of personal food, drink and lifestyle choices on personal health, social issues and cultural identity, the environment, global economy and the distribution of wealth. This project will be realized from August 2009 till July 2011.


Topic Food, drink, lifestyle and personal health will be inquired into by students during their work from different points of view such as

a)      Health and lifestyle of an individual                             Denmark

b)      Social aspects and cultural traditions                         Spain

c)      The environment                                                       Czech Republic

d)      Global economy and unequal distribution of wealth      Great Britain

As you can see each partner country will be a patron of one of the topics. The summit of the cooperation on given topic will be a meeting of all four partners in one of the countries.


The main goal of this project is to improve language and communicative abilities of students, find new friendships, gain information about the host- country, create some positions according to eating habits and lifestyle.  Students should by working on the results of research improve at team cooperation, work with IT, presentation of the results, etc.

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