Comenius Spring 2011

It’s finally here! Everyone was looking forward to it.

On March 29th 2011 we were at the airport, judging which luggage is heavier.  The game Whose suitcase is the heaviest had just begun. Our project group (Kája, Linda, Adam, Honza, Kiki, Katka, Michal, Evča, Klára, Mája, our teachers Mrs. Kubištová, Mr. Dostálek) is heading to Leeds, England. We flew to London first, after that we got on a coach full of Ghana soccer fans and finally we arrived in Leeds at 5 a.m.  After a sleepless night we eventually got to Leeds coach station. Some went to the public toilets to brush their teeth and some tried to get some sleep. But as we found out, we weren’t allowed to lie down on the benches while waiting on our coach. We went straight from Leeds to Manchester. After doing some sightseeing and having breakfast, we had some free time. Some of us wanted to apply the theme of our presentation Buy only things you really need and went to find a shopping centre. Although we found some good shops, we didn’t buy many things. Boys skipped the shopping and went to see the technical museums. Also we visited City Art Gallery with works of art from time of Queen Victoria to modern designs of famous British artist Anish Kappora. At the end of our trip we got to see the stadium of Manchester United from the outside. We got on our coach and about an hour later we arrived in a little town Otley. We met our partners in Prince Henry´s School and they took us to a Fish and Chip restaurant. Our only wish then was a comfortable soft bed.  Later that night our wish came true.

On March 31th we all met at the school. The teachers gave us safety instructions (rules seemed stricter than at our school).  After that we had a UN meeting and we talked about Millenium Goals. We voted on which goal we think is the most important and we came up with the decision that education is the best tool for fighting poverty. Afterwards we were taught how to dance Morris dance, a wild dance celebrating life. We danced with wooden sticks and we really enjoyed it. Right after that we went to get some lunch and we had some time for a rehearsal of  our presentation. In the afternoon we went bowling and for dinner at Nando’s.  Some went for a walk in Leeds and we all went back by Double Decker back to Otley.

On Friday March 1st our big day arrived. Before our conference we set off the tour around the school and also we learnt how to bake some delicious cookies. The teacher who helped us baking warned us not to do things (for example not to touch a hot stove) which we thought were obvious. All the teachers we met were really kind and funny. But not only the teachers but also the students in uniforms seemed to be happy and enjoying going to school. The conference was now about to begin. Our presentation, we had been preparing for weeks, was about to be presented. We were very nervous. Our goal was to speak about Fair trade, conditions of workers, charity, local products, consumption, recycling and finding out the attitude of the audience to these topics. We tried to make everyone think about what they can do differently.  We all had a chance to speak in front of people and we think we did it well. We worked hard on making our presentation interesting.

On Saturday morning a double decker was waiting in front of the school to take us for a trip to York.  We went to York Castle Museum and after that  we had only little time for shopping., which we didn’t mind because we knew what was really important .The atmosphere in the city was great. When we got back from York, we went home to get ready for the Gala evening.  The first spokesman was the head teacher of Prince Henry’s School Jane Sheriff. After that our Czech group sang the song „Sladké mámení“. The next it number  was the performance of a Spanish boy who played the guitar and sang along. It was amazing. The Morris dancers were the next and they made a really great show. Later on, we all danced some traditional dances. It was fun for everyone.

Next morning most of us spent shopping in Leeds and then we all gathered at the airport. We promised our partners that we would see each other soon, we hugged and said goodbye. Then we got on a plane and we flew and flew…back home, back to the Czech Republic.

Manchester - radnice
Muzeum vědy a techniky
Preince Henry´s Grammar School
Konference Milenium Goals
Education is the best tool for fighting poverty!
Vaříme i pečeme společně..
... celá skupina
Maria a Jan - osvědčení konferenciéři
Výkon hodný politika
..rozhýbali jsme publikum..
Ocenění experty
Společné vystoupení
Morris dancing
Úplně všichni
Končíme. Definitivně. Nebo že by rostl nový projekt?
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