The Project Comenius in Brno

The visit of the students from Spain, Denmark and Great Britain was really great. I was just sad that it was only for such a short time. The few days passed so quickly. I wished our friends could stay longer. But still, we had a lot of fun.
The programme was full from the very first moment so we had to be at all the meetings just in time. Despite it was really tiring, we enjoyed the whole program a lot!

The first day – Wednesday
The English group arrived first. Danish and Spanish arrived in Brno by train in the evening. We were waiting at the railway station with flags and banners and our welcoming was warm. Some of us were waiting for their old friends, some for a new person they had never seen before. We accommodated our exhausted friends and went to bed as well. It was necessary to be fresh for the following days.

The second day – Thursday
When I told my exchange partner we had to get up at half past six he wasn't pleased. But the most important part of the project - the presentations – were waiting for us. In the morning each group had the last rehearsal of their presentations while the others had either a guided tour around our school or a lesson of the Czech language. They learnt some useful Czech phrases like: Jak se máš?, Svíčková s knedlíkem or Jdeme na pivo?, etc.
After lunch the conference was finally about to start. Its topic was: Personal Choices of Food, Beverages and Lifestyle in Relation to the Environment. Although all the presentations were really funny, I dare say the Czech one was the best. Except a bit research results we also made two funny videos and at the end we performed a short play about ecology.
After this exhausting afternoon we went together to a billiard club Brio to make new friendships or just socialize with other cultures.

The third day – Friday
The Friday awaking was pretty hard. The last night billiard was awesome but also quite long. But at nine a clock everybody was in the school ready to get on the bus, which took us to The Moravian Karst and then to the brewery in the town of Cerna Hora. After the excursion, which included a small tasting of the local beer, we hurried up to Brno to get ready for the final Gala evening. The Gala started at 7 p.m. in the culture centre of Semilasso. The programme was varied. We began with a successful theatre performance about the life of John Amos Comenius directed by our teacher Mr. Mestanek. It was followed by a dancing show, fantastic gymnastic performance and a concert of the rock group For Sale band. During the whole evening the guests could taste some local food that our mums or grannies had prepared.
I probably shouldn´t forget to mention the Green Week project. For one week we collected all the paper waste at our school and in the end we found out how many kilos of it is produced just in one school during one week. The student who guessed the closest to the exact number won a small prize.
The Gala came out very well and at midnight we left the culture centre and went to sleep to be fresh for the Saturday’s sightseeing tour.

Španělé se učí česky.... změnu Dánové
Zkouška na odpolední vystoupení
Slavnostní zahájení konference
Vystoupení našich studentů - malí námořníci v akci
...takto hráli námořníci ve filmu
...po prohlídce jeskyní
Pivovarský autobus
Divadlo - cesta na projekt - začíná
představení Komenského
Učitel národů v Evropě
Didactica Magna!
Didaktické zásady...
I režisér si občas zahraje...
Skvělé gymnastky
Skupina For Sale
Hromada papíru
Mate odhad?
Na Špilberku
Počasí jako na objednávku.
Závěrečné foto

The fourth day – Saturday
The last day and the last night spent together. At half past nine we had a meeting at the new popular clock in the centre of Brno. The sightseeing tour included the Old City Hall, with its crooked pinnacle, the legendary Brno wheel and the “dragon” hanging in the gateway, Saint Peter and Paul´s Cathedral and Spilberk Castle. In the end we took a photo of all the Comenius students and said goodbye to everybody. From that time till the next morning departure we had free time. Like all normal teens we did some shopping with and in the evening went clubbing together. We enjoyed the last evening a lot and spent the last wonderful moments with our friends.

The fifth day – Sunday

The Danish and the Spanish left early in the morning and before I could realize that it we were at the end of the great week, the British were at the airport boarding their plane. The final hugs were sad and we wondered if we could see each other again.

As the final part of the Comenius project in Great Britain is still ahead, some of us still have something to look forward to.

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