Vamos! The continuation of the Comenius Project in Cordoba

Intenzivní příprava
Dabéři v akci
Malí herci
Za chvíli odlétáme!
Konečně v Cordóbě
Jiné ruiny
Průvodci prezentací
Polka na závěr
Máme to za sebou!

Many times we got up on Mondays much earlier than other students of our school. You can see a lot of work we have done, but the most difficult part, when The Danish, Spanish and The English will come to Czech Republic, lies in store for us.


The 1st day: 19th March 2011

It’s three in the morning. The alarm clock is ringing and ringing. For us, who are going to Comenius Project, the day begins rather early. So about four o’clock we are waiting at the railway station with our luggage.

After three hours on the train to Prague we take a bus to the airport. We check-in and have some spare time in the departure lounge. Strange to say, but all of us board the plane leading to Madrid.

This day was really long and in spite of our fatigue we are going to see the centre of Madrid and to buy some new clothes as souvenirs, because it’s very cheap there. We don’t forget to visit the famous art gallery of Prado where we can see works of art by Goya, Caravaggio or Bosch.


The 2nd day: 20th March 2011

At 8 o’clock is time to get up. We still have a lot of food from home so there is no problem with breakfast. We pack our suitcases and with a little concern we are leaving them in the left luggage office at the bus station.

After sightseeing we are divided into two groups. The first sporty group with Prof. Sargánek wants to visit the Football Stadium of Real Madrid. The second group with Prof. Holý and Prof. Kubištová goes to see the typical Spanish bullfight.

At about four o’clock we are finally on the bus to Cordoba.

And it is here. The Czech group of students is standing opposite the Spanish students and we are staring at each other like animals in a zoo. After a few minutes of silence we find our exchange partner and we are taken to our new families.

In the evening we go with our new friends to see the night life in Cordoba and to enter into relationships with Danish and Spanish students.


The 3rd day: 21st March 2011

It’s Sunday morning and the programme is Madinat al-Zahra. It is one of the most important mediaeval archaeogical sites in Spain. After exploring that and a small lunch we go to Antique mezquita which looks like a big labyrinth with many architectural styles. Then we go to the old centre of Cordoba with “local guides”.

The teachers leave for their hotel so we go together to a tea house and then to a pub where we have a lot of fun because we speak in Spanglish (it’s something between English and Spanish). At ten o’clock we leave to our houses tired, but happy and full of great experiences.


The 4th day: 22nd March 2011

I have to say it’s a nice school. A big playground, classes with modern equipment and a friendly teachers. Less modern is only a map of Austria-Hungary in the geography class. I fortunately can´t hear Mr Sargánek´s reaction. He is our geography teacher.

Flamenco naturally belongs to Spanish culture so we are taken to music school where we can see this temperamental dance with a specialist explanation.

It’s not time to waste time! Why did we actually arrive in Cordoba? To represent our culture and customs!

We are the last – and we have a success! Not only our national costumes or the video about cooking wedding cakes arouse interest but also the puppet theatre, projected on a big screen and dubbed by Daniela and Thomas, was quite successful.

I think we can be satisfied. We were really original.

The rest of the day is similar to the previous one.


The 5th day: 23rd March 2011

Last day. First we are going by bus to a small town called Banea to the traditional olive oil museum and then to an olive oil factory. After that we have a walk around a nice old Spanish village. Then we go back to Cordoba.

In the afternoon everybody prepares at home for the Gala Evening. The last evening passes in a school Café Theatro, where we can see a performance prepared by the Spanish students. After that we go to the centre with the Spanish and the Danish. We have a lot of funJ.


The 6th day: 24th March 2011

So again: It is here. Last hours, last minutes. Everything passes so quickly that I have no time to dry a tear in my eye. We pack our suitcases and the Spanish families take us to the bus station. It’s hard to explain, but in such a short time happened so much. We give a great hug with our new friends, promise that we will write, two kisses to say goodbye and we board the bus.

In Madrid we change to a plane and fly home.

I can say two things about our visit in sunny Spain: The first is that everything we had to do was done. And the second: Those who didn´t go there will never understand it.

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