Students report from DENMARK (Comenius project)

17/11 Tuesday

The expedition to Denmark started at the coach station in Brno from where we set out on the journey to the capital city in two groups. The first one, accompanied by Mr Sargánek, consisted of the students who wanted to see some historic sights of Prague and experience the atmosphere of the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. They visited the Castle, Charles Bridge and some other places of interest. Mrs Kubištová with the second group of students left a few hours later. Despite not having so much time as the first group, all participants in this project enjoyed that extraordinarily warm autumn evening.


18/11 Wednesday

The day started very early today. The alarm clock was already ringing at 3:30 a.m. The taxi picked us and we were on board after 7 p.m. The flight to Denmark lasted for an hour and twenty minutes or so. We had the whole day for exploring the capital after landing in Copenhagen. The day was well organised – we were given a skilled interpretation. There was a famous figure from Andersen’s fairy tales called „The little Mermar“ that is situated near to the foretress called Kastellet that we saw, then the centre of the city with a royal palace Amaliensborg, we had a trip by a boat that departed from a historical harbour Nyhavn. Despite of the rainy weather and story, the plane was delayed eventually so we met up with the families late at night.


19/11 Thursday

The breakfast in Denmark is very similar to the one we have in the Czech Republic. And then…the first day at the Danish school arrived! We had to get to the school by various means of transport. Some of us went by bike (even though it was raining a lot), by foot, by car or by bus. Some of us were even combining more type sof transport in order to get to schooll. It took a while to get to the town where the school was because of the location of other towns. We were introduced to the school and one another from the very beginning. We were supposed to join the language classes and lunch followed later on. There is a buffet where hot or cold dishes are available or even such food as a roll with some chocolate on it. We worked on a project about the Danes and their very positive attitude to drinking. After school, some of us went home or went to the local town called Dronninglund. We were pleased when the Danes took us for some pizza and organised bowling for all the students participating in the project (the Danes,English, Spanish and Czech people).


20/11 Friday

Second and the last day at school was dedicated to the Comenius project we were working on. We had some time to get ready for the presentation and for piking up the Czech dance „Mazurka“ due to the intention of teaching it the others at Galla Dinner. We were lucky to join the PE lesson where we were working out very much (though Mr. Sargánek worked out the most ).

As time went on, the conference started. It was so interesting that the room was completely silent. We, Czech students, were shining as small kids at Christmas Eve when our (and foreign) teachers praised us so profoundly.

We came to school again in the evening where they had prepared some Christmas party and actually the first Cristmas Eve this year. We were trying that typical Christmas dinner, we were even giving presents to one another. Each country showed something that would be enjoyable for the others and not so difficult so mostly some dances were presented as well as our „Mazurka“ .


21/11 Saturday

Saturday was dedicated to a trip. We went to the very top of Denmark. We visited a town called Skagen where we had some time to hang around. The architecture and great atmosphere attract tourists mainly in summer. After that we went to Grenen that is the furthest point to the North. This place is famous for the fact that two kinds of seas meet there (one is Baltic Sea, the other one is called the North Sea). The surrounding country is different and amazing. As good students, we had a look at some pictures in a galery that was focused on the Danish artists of the 19. century (e.g.: Michael and Anna Ancher) and one more folkloric muzeum. As the evening came, good atmosphere came as well. We started meeting at some houses where we had a great time!


22/11 Sunday

Travelling, travelling, travelling…. AAlborg – Copenhagen – Prague. The trip is finishing. We arrived in Prague in the evening and went home.

This is the end of the marvelous project that all of us enjoyed very much!


Alice Kocáková, 3.X

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